As Perth’s roof and gutter specialists, you can trust our highly experienced team to take care of all your soakwell installation needs. By collecting stormwater run-off, your soakwell will direct water away from the structure of your property, protecting it from potential water damage. It will also ensure your property complies with all stormwater management laws in WA. To find out more, get in touch with us today.



Why Do You Need A Soakwell?

While we don’t experience a lot of rain in Perth, when a storm does hit, it tends to come with a downpour. Without proper drainage, excess water will be left to accumulate around your property, causing the foundations to deteriorate over time. As the structure weakens, cracks will eventually form, leading to leaks and potential flooding.

Heavy rain can also cause soil erosion, making it challenging for your garden to survive, while paved and concrete areas can start to sag if constantly exposed to water overflow. When correctly installed, a soakwell will ensure stormwater run-off is appropriately managed.

Our Installation Process

Firstly, our experts will identify a soakwell installation site that is at least 1.5m away from the main structure of your property. After digging a hole to fit the soakwell, we’ll wrap it in a protective fabric to keep out debris, before lowering it into the ground. Next, we’ll cut into the side of the soakwell and connect it to the downpipe using PVC piping. We’ll then cover it with sand and flatten and compact the ground, carefully returning any pavers and surface materials to their original positions.

Two concrete soakwells with covers on the construction site before installation

Ready to get started?

As a family owned and operated business with more than 16 years’ experience, we’re here to look after you. We offer highly competitive pricing on our soakwell installation services and will always go above and beyond to ensure you are 100% satisfied with our work. For all your roofing, gutter and drainage needs in Perth, contact us today.